Public service announcement

In the near future, New Zealand is the Free Republic of Oceania.

In a world of mega-corporations, where mankind has harnessed the computational power of the human brain, a golden new age of utopia is but a few elusive steps away.

This is the story of the Agency that is working to stop it.


Agents Provocateurs is an serial biopunk thriller, in the tradition of William Gibson, updating free every Monday (Oceania time). Follow the operations of Section 17’s agents as they cope with undercover life in a shadowy and dangerous world.

This serial is currently running Program 2.0. To read Program 1.0, check old the archives, and look for the PDF and hardcopies coming soon.

2 Responses to “Public service announcement”

  1. Don’t forget to update the address at all the webfiction sites you’re listed at 🙂

  2. Yup! I’m currently working on that 🙂

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