Current status: AWOL

She is known as the legendary Template, able to infiltrate any corporation or situation with extreme skill. But what starts as a test of loyalty ends in Constance questioning her whole existence and purpose within the organisation. Pending further action, she remains in Tonga, until a Code Black is forced across the Agency to plug further leaks.

After being asked to ‘crunch the figures’ on the Agency’s leaks, Constance discovers disturbing truths. Her origins lie between the Agency and a Japanese group as a joint project. Both of the organisations have manipulated her memories. She produces her report, which has powerful implications in the Agency, and then does what she does best; disappears.

Little is known about Constance, indeed, she knows little about herself. She is on good terms with her Handler Manly, and has a curiously romantic relationship with Toa Carter, despite both of them being gay.

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